Electric Boat TripsElectric Boat Trips on the Royal Military Canal Hythe

Electric Boat Trips on the Royal Military Canal Hythe

Electric Boat Trips

Starting Easter weekend.
A new passenger Boat service arrives on the Royal Military Canal at Hythe Kent.
la tienne (she's yours) is an electric passenger launch, she is a pretty boat purchased especially for this new attraction. Wind and Weather proof, we will sail all Summer through to late Autumn.

Totally silent, giving virtually no wash and assisted by the Sun, la tienne will ferry passengers along the tranquil reaches of the Royal Military Canal allowing you to relax and enjoy previously hidden views, wildlife and peace and quiet.

Qualified Skippers will ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and informative trip. Sailing approximately 1 hour from The Boat Hut boarding point throughout the day.

Come with the family or friends, a romantic interlude with your favorite person or just bring yourself.
See Special Promotion Excursions.

The Water
The Royal Military Canal at Hythe Kent is a declared historic monument, and enjoys a tourism Green flag award.
Constructed before the age of Steam, over 200 years ago, the canal was dug by hand by an army of Engineers and Prisoners of War. As a defense against invasion.
Created in a time of conflict, the canal is now an oasis of peace and quiet, a haven for bird life and flora totaling 26 miles across South Kent. Approximately 7 miles is available to us today, for your enjoyment on the electric launch.
Boats have plied the canal since it's beginnings transporting men and materials for war, then goods and produce in peacetime. The last commercial traffic was in 1906.
Leisure boating has been active on this water since the 1860's and many still enjoy rowing boat hire and private canoeing on this hidden ribbon of tranquility (rowing boat hire)
Famously every second year, a water borne pageant -The Hythe Venetian Fete, attracts thousands of people for this unusual and spectacular celebration of English Pageantry - not to be missed! Venetian Fete

Sailing Schedule
Generally a turn-up-and-go service. We operate a first come-first served basis. However, pre-booked whole boat sailings will take precedence.
The boat can accommodate up to 10 adults at any one time, subject to maximum safe loading at the discretion of the skipper.
Please do note, this is a turn-up-and-go service, so if traveling, do telephone ahead.

Sailing Times
Service starts Easter weekend. For location, please see the How to find us page.
Leaving from:
The Boat Hut: At hourly intervals.
Whole boat bookings available - please telephone for further details and reservations - 07885 318301

N.B. Times are correct as of 31-3-2016. However all times are approximate, and are subject to change without notice. Sailings may be affected by operational conditions beyond our control.
Site signs will state the next sailing time.
If traveling any distance please call ahead to check before setting out.
There are no toilet facilities on board-so go before you go.

We are lucky to have plenty of free on-road parking around Hythe close to the our boarding points. (see map and sat nav references for details.)
On road free parking is just a step away.

Evening Trips (6pm onwards).
Evening sailings are from 6pm onwards and start/finish at the Boat Hut, The Grove unless arranged otherwise.

Special Excursions
We will publish details of special excursions that will be available throughout the season on specific dates and times.

Sunset Chaser
Hythe is renowned for spectacular sunsets - bring nibbles and be amazed! (hopefully) approximately 2 hours.

Longest Day
Just one opportunity a year to stay on the water late into the evening and relax in the sunset - maybe some appropriate music, bring your own refreshments, approximately 2 hours.

Whole Boat Adventure
O.K. You can reserve "la tienne" for yourselves from one hour to a whole day - Your Captain will look after your Weddings-Corporate Events-Staff Rewards-Celebrations-Picnics-Romantic Engagement Interludes-Children's Parties-Pirates-Bird Watching Excursions-Bat watch, etc.Phew! What do you want to do? We will try to help-Just ask.
1st Hour £80.00 with following hour £65.00 -Subject to maximum safe loading.

We can help you have the most memorable day on this special occasion.
There are Four wedding venues (3 churches and the Hotel Imperial) are close to the canal.
A dressed Boat and a smart Captain will pick -up the Bride-to-be and Bridesmaids and allow them to chill out on the way to the big day.
After the ceremony the Bride and Groom
The Bride and groom can relax together and gather themselves for the celebrations to come.

During the Reception
(several venues are adjacent to the water). The boat can ply the beautiful canal for photo opportunities and entertaining guests.
Any or all of the above - call us to discuss. P.S. We do have all weather covers.
How Special will this be! (terms and conditions apply).

The Captain will give a safety briefing at the beginning of each sailing.
Our priority is the safety and comfort of our customers at all times.The canal is just 1.5 metres deep on average and there are is no current or surprises, (waterfalls, whirlpools etc.).There may be occasions when your Skipper will expect you to behave in a certain way. Please do so with the minimum amount of fuss for your own safety.

The Royal Military Canal has matured over 200 years to become a haven for bird life in particular.
Our mascot birds, Kingfishers are increasingly prevalent. Herons, Cormorants, various Raptors and the more common species such as Mallards, Tits and Finches abound. Coot, Moorhen, and Rail can usually be seen. We have families of Swans that brood every season and occasionally there will be rarer visitors such as Osprey.
Look out for our special extended bird watching trips during the season.

Our Friends on Water
Boating is an emotive and pleasurable pastime. We have links with several other boating operations that we think you will enjoy.
Remember, The fastest road can't take you as far as the slowest boat.
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Technical stuff
'la tienne' is a 21ft. (6.4 metres)Frolic.
Built by Creative Marine at the Secret Boatyard, Matlaske, Norfolk. She is a sturdy, proven design, safe and pretty.The Hull is GRp and is powered by a 1.5Kw Direct Drive Electric Motor. Unladen weight is one ton.
A bank of 12 lead acid batteries supply the main power with trickle top-up assistance from photo-voltaic panels on the canopy. The solar panels charge the back up battery throughout the day, so we can always get home.
A full charge allows the boat up to 14 hours of operations subject to to load and wind conditions.
Giving 2 Horsepower the boat has a maximum speed of 5.5 k.p.h. at 1200 r.p.m.
Designed to be silent in operation and the hull giving virtually no wash. She is ideal for operations on the canal.
Contacting Us
By Telephone or Text 07885 318301

N.B. As we have limited capacity on any sailing we operate, a first come-first served system.
Please check before setting out, if you are traveling any distance as times and schedule are subject to change at short notice.

Whole Boat sailings can be booked in advance by text or email. We will confirm within 48 hours. a non-returnable 50% deposit is required. Terms and Conditions apply.
Informing you.
Telephone us on 07885 318301 and speak to The Captain of The Day.
The pick-up-point has information boards that will show the time of the next sailing, and will be updated throughout the day.
Special Trips
Such as Sunset Chaser or Bird Watching Adventures will be posted on our website as they are arranged.

Physically Impaired Passengers
We can and are pleased to accommodate our friends as above and have access for chairs and buggies at The Boat Hut Boarding Point. Because of space and weight restrictions the boat carries locks so that equipment can be secured at the departure point until your return.
We will assist you to board and disembark so that you can relax and enjoy this special experience.

Force majeure
Our attraction is fully insured and the Skippers carry Boat Handling Certificate and public liability cover.
However any activity on water is potentially hazardous, so please be aware of your own situation and that of fellow passengers onboard. Again, the Captains word is law, and any instructions will be for your benefit, with your safety in mind.

We have only been able to "launch" this exciting new attraction with the help from several organisations...
The CRN Co. (The Creative Rural Network) operates this boat under license from and in partnership with Shepway District Council. The Shepway team have been and continue to be very supportive to this new venture.
The historic Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Light railway has also been very helpful with our launch marketing and advertising and Grove Ferry Electric Boat Trips. Upstreet Near Canterbury Kent.

To the above-Many Thanks.